Frequently Asked Questions


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My free trial is ended. What now?

Well, we hope you liked Glouk! Now you can choose to continue with your current plan, upgrade or downgrade. You can pay for three months, for 6 months with a 5% discount or even for 1 year with 10% discount! Just go to the billing section insiede Glouk: User menu -> Billing. You can pay with PayPal or Credit Card!

Any contracts or commitments?

Nope. After your free trial you'll be asked to pick a plan and enter your payment info. You will basically pay three months in advance, and you will be able to cancel at any time. If you cancel before the end of a billing period, you'll retain access until that billing period is over.

What are my payment options?

Online payment methods include major credit cards and Paypal. Other types of payments are available for Enterprise plans. Contact the Enterprise Team to discuss these options.

What if I pick the wrong plan?

No problem. You can switch plans at any time (even during your trial). Pick the plan that seems like the best fit and try it on. You can always change your mind.